The Innocent Sleep

My biggest project to date, a million-plus budgeted feature film and perhaps unusually for such a project it was shot almost entirely on location in London.

Taking a leaf from James Cameron’s book, I shot this on Super 35 for an anamorphic blow-up for theatrical release.

A few of the press & critical responses:

"A fast-paced and compelling thriller that uses London to brilliant effect."
Nick Joicey, The Observer

"Riverside London sparkles with the chill glitter of reflected streetlights in a film that joins The Long Good Friday and Defence of the Realm in an all-too limited class of high-calibre, politically triggered police dramas."
Oscar Moore, Screen International

"Michell's confident direction and Alan Dunlop's stylish Scope cinematography are the real stars..."
Tom Charity, Time Out

"The best bit...London in brilliant widescreen!"
The Observer Magazine

"With its steely blue sheen, the film looks splendid..."
The Daily Mirror


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